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The Zipp Weightloss Tonic
This unique formula has been created by Dr Gavin Zipp and refined to perfection over 3 decades. The tonic enables patients to keep energy levels to their optimum and increase their metabolism, therefore speeding up the weight-loss process. The tonic is 100% FDA approved.
Price: R300
The Zipp Diet – Eat more and still lose weight!

If you are considering losing weight, have health problems, or simply want to improve your lifestyle, then “The Zipp Diet” is definitely for you!

The Zipp Diet is the new innovative method for losing weight by following easy food combining principles and the very latest dietary strategies.  You can generally still eat the foods you love as long as you follow The Zipp Diet food combining programme.  Exercise is always recommended, but on The Zipp Diet you can lose weight even if you are unable to exercise on a regular basis.  You don’t have to be a fanatical “gym-bunny” to see the benefits.  3 x 20 minute sessions each week will be greatly beneficial.  No starving yourself either.  Many clients have stated that they actually eat more now than they used to, and yet are still losing those unwanted, unhealthy kilos.   Two weeks is all it takes to convince clients of the enormous health benefits of The Zipp Diet.  Why wait?  Everyone should start The Zipp Diet today!

The Zipp Diet food combining principles:

Never combine protein foods with carbohydrates in any one meal.  This diet is manageable, adaptable, flexible and so very easy to follow by just adhering to the simple basic principle above. The Zipp Diet enables easier and quicker digestion and within two weeks clients can expect to see healthier benefits from following this eating programme.  Still not convinced?  As far back as the 1850’s natural hygienists discovered that during the digestion and absorption processes in the stomach valuable nutrients could be adversely affected merely by eating incompatible foods together in the same meal.

The Zipp Diet – Food Groups:

Your body digests protein and carbohydrates very differently which results in some forming acid and some forming alkaline during the digestion process in your stomach. So it’s obvious that by not combining proteins with carbohydrates in any one meal, and being aware of a balance between acid forming and alkaline forming foods in the daily diet, the Zipp Diet will provide you with huge health benefits.

The ZIPP Diet – In a Nutshell:

Unfortunately as a society we have been incorrectly taught to eat certain foods together. From an early age we are shown that it is okay to eat meat or cheese sandwiches and almost every meat meal is served with potatoes, rice or beans, ending the meal with sugary deserts, and all because the correct food combining theories were never given the attention they so rightly deserved.  Thankfully this is now changing in dietetic and health circles.  The ZIPP Diet combines only foods that are suited to easy digestion and absorption.  Classification of foods is extremely important when “food combining” successfully.  The ZIPP Diet has worked this all out for you already.

Besides alleviating uncomfortable bloating, embarrassing flatulence, acid indigestion, heartburn, certain food hypersensitivities, weight gaining problems and constipation amongst other things, the ZIPP Diet will put you on the path to a much healthier lifestyle.  Advice is given on how to successfully combine your meals effortlessly.  It’s adaptable and flexible too, so there is no “angst” involved in preparing your daily meal plans.  And the only side effect is… “weight-loss and increased energy levels”!  To become fitter and tone your muscles as you lose weight it is highly recommended to incorporate 3 x 20 minute sessions each week of regular exercise.  Nothing too vigorous is advocated whilst on this diet.  As we all already know, endorphins are released by the brain when exercising and these friendly little fellows reduce tension (something we all tend to suffer from) by contributing to a feeling of wellbeing.  They increase alertness and have many other health benefits.  Heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes are the risks you take of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

From intensive research carried out on specific food groups, it has been documented that combining high protein and high starch foods has an alarming and appalling reaction on our digestive systems.  Five main nutrients are recognized in food combining, namely proteins, fats, sugars, starches and acids. Carbohydrates are classified in two groups, sugars and starches.  Dr Zipp has realized the importance of harmonizing the specific food groups for your ultimate health and has created the popular ZIPP Diet.  The ZIPP Diet is definitely not one of those harmful “fad diets”!  Try it today and start seeing the amazing results!

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