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Dr Gavin Zipp
Dr Gavin Zipp

Dr Gavin Zipp qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1983, he has been in General Practice since 1987, he focusses in general Family medicine and has over 10 000 patients.

Weight loss has been as huge part of his practice for many years and includes numerous celebrities and ex- Miss South Africa’s.

Smoking cessation is also a big focus and he has patients coming to see him from all over the Continent. Dr Gavin Zipp uses “Zippquit” which is an adaptation of the Ear Acupuncture of Dr Paul Nogier, he says “Do NOT wait until you have a heart attack, stroke, develop cancer (lung, mouth, tongue, larynx, stomach, breast, bladder), emphysema, have a leg amputated or go blind from smoking”.

Dr Gavin Zipp also practices aesthetic Medicine and has much experience in Botox, fillers, face lifts etc

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