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Experience the ultimate treatment for visible signs of aging!

What is the treatment?

Redermalization is a scientifically proven treatment that is literally, a new life for your skin.

Who would benefit from the treatment?
1. Patients that suffer from photoaging as a result of too much sun and patients that suffer with the inevitable signs of aging on the face and neck.
2. Patients that want to protect their skin from premature aging.

How does it work?
Succinate is an extremely important medicinal component that in combination with hyaluronic acid restores and revitalizes the skin on both tissue and cellular and intra-cellular level. The treatment method uses a new generation injection medicine Xela Rederm® that influences all the skin aging mechanisms and provides a strong complex anti-age effect.

The results?
Young healthy skin
Better complexion
Better skin relief and texture
Less wrinkle depth and size
Skin lifting
Pigmentation removal
Less scarring and pigmentation
Neoplasm prevention

How much does it cost?
For a full facial treatment R2 500
For a full face and neck treatment R3 500.
Patients will be advised to purchase the Daily Delux Anti Age Aftercare Spray and a Safe Sun Protection SPF 50 in order to ensure best results.


The next treatment days available...
The next treatment day is on 18th May and appointments are limited. 

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