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Non-surgical nose job

With your nose being an extremely prominent feature on your face, if you are unhappy with the way it looks it can wreak havoc with your self-confidence. A surgical nose job will certainly improve the shape of your nose, but it does come with a hefty price tag, the risks usually associated with a general anaesthetic and the necessary healing time.


ZippHealth offers a non-surgical nose job through the careful placement of dermal fillers that will improve the shape of your nose without the downtime.  The fillers are able to camouflage bumps or indentations in the nose resulting in a more symmetrical and appealing appearance.


What does the procedure involve?


The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, is extremely safe and effective and can last between 12 to 18 months.  The procedure has no effect on your nasal breathing as it only involves the injection of the dermal filler into the skin.


A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the nasal area 20-30 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure maximum comfort. The dermal filler is then injected by Dr. Zipp in small amounts, in precise locations to ensure control over the final outcome. Dr. Zipp will then massage the product to achieve the desired shape that will be visible immediately.


Am I the right candidate for the procedure?


If you have any of the following concerns, then the non-surgical nose job will be suitable for you:

  • A slightly crooked nose

  • Bumps on the bridge of the nose

  • A hook shaped nose

  • Drooping of the nasal tip

  • A nose that needs refinement after surgical rhinoplasty

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