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This Mother's Day, celebrate the special women in your life with the gift of rejuvenation and self-care. At ZippHealth, we're thrilled to offer exclusive deals on our top aesthetic treatments, designed to pamper and refresh. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, these offers are the perfect way to embrace beauty and wellness. 

1. Botox: Turn Back Time Smooth out the years and embrace a refreshed look. R70 per unit 

2. Fillers: Restore and Revitalise Fill in the beauty blanks with our expert fillers. Enhance your natural contours and reclaim the vibrance skin of youth. R 2 700

3. Facial Peels: Peel Away the Past Shed the old and bring in the new with our gentle yet effective facial peels. Reveal brighter, smoother skin that glows with health. R 850

4. Sculptra: Sculpt Your Best Self Transform and renew with Sculptra, an innovative treatment that stimulates your skin’s own collagen production, enhancing its natural structure. R8 000

5. Harmony CA: Harmonise and Heal Embrace the harmony of beauty and wellness with Harmony CA, our comprehensive anti-aging treatment that addresses volume loss, builds collagen, lifts and tightens with no down time.

6. ZippHealth Weight Loss Tonic Our most potent ever for this special at a 10% discount.

7. Ozempic (semaglutide generic) for astounding weightloss. WhatsApp 0797459380 


Call 011 792 1616 to book or WhatsApp 0797459380. Valid immediately and ends 18 May 2024.

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