Mother's Day Specials

Our special offers are valid from the 28th of April to the 14th May 2022.


20% discount (20 units = R1280) save R320 per 20units (see full range of prices  below))


R2800.00 (save R1000)


Acne and Anti-Aging

PH Formula - Including 4 x home care products R2350.00 – save R1000.00 

TCA Peels

PH Formula - Including 3 x homecare products R1800.00 – save R650 (excellent for wrinkles and acne scarring)

Pigmentation (including dark skin)

PH Formula- Mela peel – including 4 x home care products R2350.00 – save R1000.00 

Peels – R450.00

Pamper masks

Hydration mask R75.00 save R100.00 

Detox mask – R150.00 save R200 – detox your skin, ready for the holidays. Brilliant to help teenagers with acne. 


Our most potent ever ZippHealth 2.0 available for this special at a 10% discount: R270 Normal price R300.00) 

Prices for Botox 

10 units R800.00 discounted to R640.00

15 units R1200.00 discounted to R960.00

20 units R1600.00 discounted to R1280.00

25 units R2000.00 discounted to R1600.00

30 units R2400.00 discounted to R1920.00

35 units R2800.00 discounted to R2240.00

40 units R3200.00 discounted to R2560.00

45 units R3600.00 discounted to R2880.00

50 units R4000.00 discounted to R3200.00

55 units R4400.00 discounted to R3520.00

60 units R4800.00 discounted to R3840.00

65 units R5200.00 discounted to R4160.00

70 units R5600.00 discounted to R4480.00 

Call 011 792 1616 to book.