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Whooping cough (pertussis) is a highly infectious, illness that can lead to pneumonia, brain damage and even death, particularly in young babies. Research conducted in the UK on the vaccination of pregnant women, shows that vaccinating them against whooping cough has been highly effective in protecting young babies until they can receive their own vaccinations from two months of age. Pregnant women can therefore help protect their babies by getting vaccinated. The ideal time for vaccination is from 16 weeks up to 32 weeks pregnant, but evidence still shows that the vaccine is still effective in later pregnancy. The immunity that the pregnant mother receives from the vaccination is passed to

The Dangers of Fatty Liver Disease

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is responsible a variety of life-sustaining tasks. A critical component of these tasks are metabolic processes, where the liver supports the digestive system, controls blood sugar and blood flow, and regulates fat storage. The liver is able to distinguish between the nutrients your body needs to absorb and the dangerous substances that need to be filtered out of your bloodstream. In a healthy liver there should be very little or no fat at all. When fat builds up in the cells of your liver, it results in fatty liver disease, which can be caused by drinking too much alcohol or it may be related to health issues such as obesity or diabetes

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