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Chronic Migraine Treatment with Botox

Before considering the treatment of a migraine with Botox, it is important that, in the case of severe headaches, a definitive diagnosis of migraine has been made. Firstly, a chronic migraine sufferer is someone who suffers with 15 or more days of headaches in a month with the headache lasting over 4 hours and 8 of the 15 or more being associated with migraine. (Botox is not recommended for people who suffer with less than 15 headache days per month.) Botox is not meant to stop the headaches once they occur, but rather to prevent the headaches from occurring. Botox used to treat chronic migraines may not prevent all headaches from occurring but will reduce the number of headaches and are lik

Zipp Health’s take on weight loss and better health

Based on well-researched and proven dietary principles, The Zipp Tonic diet has shown phenomenal success in transforming daily eating habits. It is a simple, healthy and effective means to lose excess weight and improve overall health and wellbeing. Dr Gavin Zipp is passionate about finding different ways to promote better health. He believes that correct food choices can make all the difference to living a fuller, longer and healthier life. He therefore likes to keep abreast of the latest nutrition research to provide his patients with the best possible solutions. As an extension of the existing diet regime, Zipp Health introduces low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet options, such as Paleo, Bant

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